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Leila 2009-07-19 10:51 PM

Multiple files
The big reason I bought Omnifocus (in addition to is flexibility and power) is the ability to sync with the iPhone, which my husband and I both just purchased.

My computer is a Mac. His is a PC. He has no problem using my computer to do is Omnifocus. However, when reading these forum posts, I see that back in 2007 someone made it sound like if 2 Omnifocus files were created - that Perspectives and Syncing would only be able to be done with 1 of those files.

My husband and I really do not want to share the same Omnifocus file. With version 1.61 - is it possible to have 2 user data storage files? (and still be able to use Perspectives and syncing with either)

If not -- what kind of a work around is there?

Thanks so much,

jem 2009-07-20 12:07 AM

Two accounts on the Mac?

whpalmer4 2009-07-20 12:32 AM

You and your husband can have independent OmniFocus databases. Set up separate user accounts on your Mac, and run OmniFocus in each. You both will get completely independent workspaces, and what one of you does will not affect the other. You'll need to set up separate locations for the sync directory on the MobileMe or other WebDAV server and configure each account to use a different one; if you are using Bonjour as the sync method, it will prompt you for which user to use.

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