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ssmyth 2008-08-15 09:02 AM

Iphone Only Backup
I only have the Iphone application. I do not own a Mac and do not have the desktop application. I have a Webdav Server account. Can I backup the application data to the server. If so do I need to seed the folder on the Webdav server with any Omni file? or does the iPhone app place a file on the Webdav Server server for me?

Why does the app refer to the following OmniFocus.ofocus ? ans then tell me there is no root transaction?

and I also get expected a directory but got a flat file message for the app...see images attached .

Any hints or tips for using the app with just the Iphone and a webdav for backup


Andrew 2008-08-15 10:21 AM

Yes, you can use WebDAV for backup via the sync feature. No, you don't need to seed the sync location in any way (other than making sure that the folder you pointed OmniFocus at actually exists and you have appropriate permissions to read from and write to it).

However, not all WebDAV servers actually implement the WebDAV spec perfectly, as we discovered, so it's possible that we won't work with OnlineFileFolder (the service I see that you are using). I don't recall anyone else posting about that service (I may have overlooked it), so I don't know that it's been tested by anyone with OmniFocus before. (It's also possible that we have WebDAV bugs in OmniFocus, of course, but to the best of my knowledge all of the problems we have hit so far have been due to server issues like not correctly handling move commands or not allowing certain filename characters that we rely on.)

The message shown in that first alert panel implies that the server copy somehow got corrupted. Hard to know if this is due to a WebDAV incompatibility or some other oddity. I'd suggest manually removing the server copy and syncing up from the iPhone again; if subsequent syncs show the same error, then it's probably a WebDAV incompatibility.

ssmyth 2008-08-15 11:01 AM

Ok Switched to Bingo Disk
Ok So it seems to work with question how to restore backup data.

I need to delete the app from my iphone to install the most recent update 1.0.3 Can I delete app then reinstall then resync to get data back?

ssmyth 2008-08-15 11:33 AM

Life is good :-) but app store need work for updates
Ok So bingodisk is working ...did a sync and then deleted app off iphone. Resynced install app fresh for 1.0.3 update install new . Created new db then synced to Bingodisk file asked if I wanted to use server copy said yes and Bingo ! all restored! WOWOW was sweating bullets :)

Now what is up with iTunes and the update not installing until you delete the app off your phone that is a pain every time :-)

Any advise on updating app via iTunes with out having to delete app off phone?

Thank you

Andrew 2008-08-15 01:20 PM

No advice on that, sorry - I've heard of one or two people running in to that, but not many, I've not run in to it here, and I'm not aware of anyone else here that has run it to it. (Maybe someone else has some ideas?)

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