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Skylamar 2010-08-20 07:35 PM

Exporting URLs to spreadsheet
Hi. I am trying to import an OmniOutlinerPro document into two spreadsheets (both Numbers and Google docs). The first column contains URLs. I saved the document as a text file, then opened it in both Numbers and Google docs. In both of them, they displayed the data in the first column as:

[url][/url] <>

Neither Numbers or Google docs recognize either part of that data as an active URL. I'm wondering if there is another way to allow the spreadsheet programs to parse the data differently so the first column is a clickable URL.

If not, then I'd love to see a future feature of OmniOutliner in which it can export to xml format.



RobTrew 2010-08-21 12:17 AM

[QUOTE=Skylamar;83965]I'd love to see a future feature of OmniOutliner in which it can export to xml format.[/QUOTE]

Have you tried exporting to OPML ?
(an XML format)

003 files are also XML files.

(If the Document > Advanced inspector has "Compress on Disk" they will be zipped XML)

003 "files" are, by default, package folders, so to see the XML you will need to Ctrl-click them, and choose "show package contents"

The DTD is at [URL=""][/URL]


Skylamar 2010-08-21 01:41 PM

Couldn't get it to work
Hi again. I guess don't know much about xml. I wasn't able to open the contents.xml file in Numbers or Google docs. Google says it can open xls files.

Anyway, if there's anything else I can do to get it to work, please let me know.



RobTrew 2010-08-22 01:43 AM

URLs in OO3 are easier to manage and export if you un-check the box under [B]Preferences > General Preferences > Attachments[/B] so that URLs are left as text when they are entered.

If your URLs are in text format, you can export the file as CSV, which Numbers should be able to import.

(Haven't tested it - I am using Excel)

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