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Cyberium 2011-08-25 09:17 AM

Three questions:
I'm using trial version of the non-pro Gruffle.

1) How do I create different style of connections? I clicked on the panel and change from straight line to zig zag but the effect didn't take place.

2) How do I make all selected boxes into the same size?

3) How is pro better than regular, in layman's language?

Cyberium 2011-08-25 11:02 AM

While I'm at it:

1) When I expands the size of canvas to multi-pages (printer sheets), how do I hide the between-pages lines underneath?

2) I am trying to create a chart that looks like a circle with different layers (tiers), with connections between them. What would be a simple way to do it? Basically it starts with boxes on the outmost layer, then progress inward till the center. Some boxes have connections between them but the center would represent the result of outmost boxes' completed progression.

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