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random1destiny 2007-09-05 05:50 PM

Tracking changes
I was wondering if there's any way to track changes that I make to a document while editing it. I often send out a copy of my outline to coworkers but many times add or remove some stuff but it's difficult for them to find it and a lot of work to manually record every change I've made. Anyone know of a quick way to do this?
I think it'd be useful to have the ability to save an instance of the outline at one point in time (usually when you send it out) and any changes made after that are automatically marked.

JKT 2007-09-06 01:27 AM

I'm not sure whether or not non-Pro has the feature I'm about to describe, but if it doesn't you'll have to find another workaround if you aren't using Pro.

There isn't a track changes feature [I]per se[/I] so this is only a partial workaround (it won't show deleted text, only newly added).

1. Show the Utility drawer and click the + button at the very bottom left to add a [B]New named style[/B]. Call it e.g. [B]Additions[/B] or [B]Changes[/B]. Note, press enter to input the name and leave the new style highlighted.

2. With the new style highlighted, select a new font style and colour for it so that it will look different to your present text.

3. When you are entering new text, press the F key that is assigned to the new style before you start typing. When you type, the newly added text will adopt the new named style.

4. Remove the styling at a later date, once the document is finalised.

I think this will work OK, but it is going to be more laborious than a proper TC feature.

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