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Finlay Boo 2007-09-07 09:09 AM

Auto-complete & Auto-fill
Does anyone else find the form auto-fill a little less that what they expect? I find that Safari and Firefox are able to complete forms which much more detail that OW is for some reason, and this after ensuring that all the information is available.

Also, I find that autocomplete shows my info in a drop down box but clicking on it doesn't populate the field as I would expect. Is this normal OW behavior?

--UPDATE: I've noticed that autocomplete doesn't work with a mouse input, but does with a keyboard return.

(I'm using the latest sneaky peek)

Other than that, it's certainly become my browser of choice in the last few weeks and a worthy buy.

troyb 2007-09-11 12:26 PM

AutoFill not working with mouse or pressing tab is a known issue on our list.

As for AutoFill not working well. Right now there is no fuzzy matching in AutoFill. This means it will fill any form field it finds an exact match for in your AutoFill store but nothing will happen if the field name is just close. Since there isn't really any standard fuzzy matching would improve things a lot here but with a decrease in accuracy. With the properly implementation we should be able to keep things pretty accurate though, something we'll be looking into for future releases.

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