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Ken Case 2010-05-14 04:52 PM

We try not to close threads, but I think this one has lost its way.

Thanks for all the input on multiple contexts. I think we have a good sense of why some people want this feature. To be clear, multiple contexts has never been planned as a feature for OmniFocus.

Generic metadata support [B]has[/B] been planned, but that has never been as popular a request as the other features we've introduced in the meantime such as syncing, improved performance, and perspectives.

In fact, the thing we hear most often is that OmniFocus is too complex. Much of the last few years of development has been focused on reducing that complexity to make OmniFocus more approachable. For example, 1.8 gets rid of some of our assumptions about required workflow by making inbox items and projects and action groups all behave the same.

So, yes, it's quite true that metadata hasn't been at the top of our development priorities (though it's still something we'd love to implement sometime). We're really sorry if that's disappointing, and I'd welcome anyone who is upset by this to write to me personally at [email][/email].

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