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bruceathome 2012-06-24 03:49 AM

Copying and Pasting object styles
Hi all. Just purchased omnigraffle and am having a wonderful time playing. I'm stumped with something though - I have customised the fill etc of an object and now want to apply the same style to another, similar object. Can anyone tell me how I do this (preferably without having to do it all manually again)?



whpalmer4 2012-06-24 08:25 AM

I do not believe there is a way to copy an object style from an existing object to another. You can use the Contents popover (3rd button from left) and the object filter (right-most tab) to select all of the appropriate objects before you apply the styling, but you have to be thinking ahead.

bruceathome 2012-06-24 04:29 PM

Ok - thanks for the reply whpalmer4.

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