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omnibob 2009-11-02 02:26 PM

I want 1.5.xx to happen after 1.12.xx -- possible?
I have a task group 1.5.22 (find a duct fabricator) that I don't want to start until task 1.12.11 (install part of the flooring) is completed.

When I select the two items, regardless of which I select first, and regardless of if I choose Finish-Start (which makes sense if I'm selecting 1.12.11 first; but I have a feeling the selection order is irrelevant), 1.5.22 seems to always end up being a pre-requisite of 1.12.11.

I realize that I have more to learn about start times of tasks, etc., and have so far been resorting to using: "Reschedule incomplete tasks" frequently to not have any incomplete tasks showing up in the past, but

Do I need to re-order the two items for this to work? The way I have things set up is task groups in the general order of planned project work, but in this case I need to install part of the flooring first, and the rest (and majority) of the flooring will be done after the duct work is complete. I'd rather keep the flooring and ducting groups intact, unless that will not work. Thanks.

Update: I just placed task group 1.5.22 after task 1.12.11, did Finish-Start, moved the task group back where it was, saw warnings, did "Reschedule incomplete tasks", and things seem to be how I want them, but I imagine there is a more straightforward method I'm overlooking.


whpalmer4 2009-11-02 03:02 PM

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There are a number of ways to set this up. You've correctly noticed that it doesn't matter which order you select the tasks in when using the Connection button (though I've suggested that allowing one to specify the direction by the order of selection would be a nice enhancement, and if you agree, use Help->Send Feedback to add your vote).

You can:

Draw in the dependency on the Gantt chart by dragging a line from the tail end of the first item to the front end of the second item. This can be a bit fiddly if they are separated by quite a distance on the chart.

Turn on the Dependencies column in the outline portion of the chart (see View->View Options) and enter the id of the prerequisite in the dependency column of the other task. You can edit the dependency in the Task inspector to add lead times, change the dependency variety, etc.

Add the dependent item in place after the prerequisite with Structure->Add->Dependent Task, then drag it into the desired position on the outline.

omnibob 2009-11-02 03:11 PM

Great tips, thank you so much! I just sent in feedback as well.


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