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m0sca 2006-09-08 02:19 PM

Google Spreadsheet

I cant get google spreadsheet to work even when I "fool" google into thinking Omniweb is some other browser. Has anyone else encountered this or will I have to use Firefox for this app.



philonous 2006-09-08 04:30 PM

Well, I seemed to be getting somewhere spoofing as IE 6.0 Windows, but I did not get full functionality of the spreadsheet. This is one application to which the Webkit AJAX support has not caught up.


Handycam 2006-09-09 08:11 AM

So your short answer is yes, you'll need to use Fx here.

zottel 2006-09-09 12:32 PM

... at least till 5.5.1 beta. (It might work then; no guarantee, though.)

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