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sandblasta 2012-02-23 07:30 AM

How to apply default styles to different hierarchy levels
What I want to do: Create a diagram style where I can set a different default style (i.e., font size, color and box size) for each hierarchy level.

So for example, I'd be able to set it so that all top level parent elements are the same font/color/box size (let's say 20 pt font, and red), their children are all 14pt font and blue, and their children are 10pt and yellow, etc. So when I create a new item and nest it under a top level parent item, it's automatically 14pt font and blue.

So basically, just like how Word does it -- if you're doing an outline in Word, you can set the style for different levels of headings, or use an already set style (i.e., heading 1, heading 2, etc.)

I like this in Word because I can visually differentiate different items right off the bat, and don't have to format it later. This would be even more pertinent and helpful for brainstorming and org charts, since they are not linear and can get messy quickly.

How can I do this so that it's set for me in the diagram style, and I don't have to do it manually? If it can't be set in the diagram style, is there a rule I can apply?

Many thanks,


RobTrew 2012-02-23 08:27 AM

[B]Format > New Resource > New Diagram Style[/B]

Create an outline with the depth and styles required, and save to the default location with a memorable name.

You should thereafter be able to apply the named style with [B]Format > Choose Diagram Style[/B]

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