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supafly 2007-08-18 03:35 PM

Inability to Sync iCal Tasks w/out Context
Currently, OF only syncs a task created in iCal if that task is assigned a context/category that OF recognizes.

I'd like to challenge this design.

One of the primary reasons to sync to iCal is to facilitate syncing with handheld devices. So let's contemplate how the Handheld --> iCal --> OF syncing processing might work...

I'm walking around with my handheld and think of a new item for my Inbox. It's not a singleton action; it's a project. I can't (and don't want to) create all of the actions for this project on my handheld. I only want to note the project so that it will ultimately show up in my OF Inbox where I can more fully flesh it out.

Currently, if I create a task on my handheld without setting a context (after all, projects do not have contexts, only actions do), it will show up in iCal on my next handheld sync without an assigned category (or in some "Unfiled" category that I create).

When I then sync iCal with OF, this task is not synced as it has no OF context assigned.

Sure, I can temporarily assign a context to a project task. This will get it synced so that it shows up in the OF Inbox. But this is a kludge.

It would be great to have some ability to have a "New Projects" context that shows up in iCal and syncs with OF. This context would be stripped during the OF sync process and any iCal tasks assigned to this category/context would show up as OF Inbox items with no project or context.

kioneo 2007-08-19 08:19 AM

At the present time I have a work around which involves a "palm-inbox" context. This serves as my mobile inbox. I assign things to it on the Palm and then when they sync back into OF they appear in the inbox. Of course I now need to change the context to the correct context.

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