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pike 2010-08-19 12:59 PM

request: omnigraffle 2~, pentium

I'm using the OG5 trial now, after I upgraded to a pentium machine. But really, what I liked about OG was it's simplicity. Surely there is a dozen other apps that offer me the 1000 buttons and windows that get in your way and do things you dont need. I might as well use adobe illustrator by now. I need a program to do a quick sketch, black & white, basic shapes. I loved OG2. where did it go wrong ?

So I'm afraid I'm leaving, unless someone at omni can give me a simple version of OG that will run on my machine ? I'm prepared to pay the same, or even more if needed.


Joel 2010-08-19 01:34 PM

You can still find OmniGraffle 2 at our [URL=""]software archive[/URL], however I should warn you that we stopped development on version 2 around 8 years ago and as the Operating System has marched on, OmniGraffle 2 runs rather haphazardly on more recent versions of the OS.

pike 2010-08-19 02:10 PM

Brilliant, that version seems to work fine under Rosetta !
And, it seems to accept the "Macintosh Software Bundle" license key with which it came shipped on my previous mac.

For anyone who is curious, yes you can find that key 'somewhere' on your mac (at least for apparently those old versions). I'm sure this is pretty legal, since if you have an old mac where OG got preinstalled, you "own" a legal copy - it was part of the mac software bundle when you bought the machine.

... I feel your answer deserves a modest donation. Any hints ?


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