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Bill Glude 2011-11-05 03:10 AM

No image on Mobile Me Gallery movies
Hmm, does anyone know what is going on with why when I publish a movie to my Mobile Me Gallery from iMovie, I get both sound and image in Safari, but OmniWeb is only producing sound without the image?

I have noted also that our local newspaper's site, [url][/url] , has a similar issue in that in OmniWeb I cannot see any of the photos that show up fine in Safari. I used to be able to, but not for the last few months.

Is this due to one of my privacy settings, or is there some other fix? Am I missing a plugin or something? What's up with this?

Bill Glude

Brian 2011-11-10 01:43 PM

Bill, my guess is that the "don't show images from third-party servers" setting is having unintended side effects. If so, you can use site-specific preferences to disable that setting for the sites where it does, while leaving it on in the general case...

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