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baldoal 2012-04-11 07:44 PM

Reorder Tasks in Forecast View
Hello all,

I've been using Omnifocus for several months now and I have to say that it has been an inavaluable tool in the implementation of GTD into my daily activities. I especially like the way actions from various projects are broken down as a list of to-do type things in FORECAST view. Consequently, FORECAST view has become one of the more used Omnifocus utilities on my iPad.

About three months ago, while in FORECAST view, I found that I needed to reorder the list of TODAY's actions that FORECAST view had neatly laid out for me and discovered that I could not move actions around like I could in PROJECT view. It seems that the only way to reorder actions in FORECAST view is to edit each action's DUE field to have a specific time other than the default 5 pm hour.

Please note that I only assign specific due times to about 10 percent of my tasks. The rest don't get assigned a specific time of day - so by default their due time is set to 5 pm and my guess is that Omnifocus lists those actions in FORECAST View in the order that they were entered into the system.

I've contacted support in order to get the reordering of actions (that have the same due time) in FORECAST view added as a feature request but I guess there aren't enough users in the community requesting this feature.

Do any of you out there use FORECAST view in the way I've described and find that inability to quickly reorder tasks in said view to be a slow-down in your day-to-day GTD process? If so, please voice your opinion by contacting the support ninjas to request that this capability be added to what already is a superb app.

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