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CrzyMke 2008-01-05 10:30 PM

Rich text for individual entries. (style)
Just submitted this - probably a little close to the 1.0 launch to be making requests, but I figured it was worth tossing out there. Any thoughts from the ether?

[QUOTE]Here's a quick request:

Could you possibly allow each item entry to have its own rich text options?

I think that being able to bold certain entries, or change their relative
font size, would really help inject some personality into my to do lists. I
could probably improve my perspectives to keep my attention on what I want
to see when, but this could help me tag my entries on the fly (especially
helpful when printing out a relatively long daily list).

My eyes tend to glaze over my relatively flat list of look-a-like entries.
And looking at a 32pt font DON'T FORGET MILK in my errands list will make
sure I attend to it sooner than flagging. And give it more of a paper-like
feel than most GTD apps.

Hopefully this would be relatively straightforward to implement - it just
seems to me a great simple way to greatly strengthen my inappropriate love
for OF.[/QUOTE]

Toadling 2008-01-06 03:59 PM

Well, everybody is entitled to their pet feature requests, but I'm not sure I'd like this one. I actually prefer the simplicity of *not* having sophisticated styling options like OmniOutliner. Some customization is good, but I think a per item basis is too much.

Now, I suppose I could opt to just not use the feature if it were added, and I could live with that. But no new feature comes for free. OG would have to expend some degree of effort to add the capability, all the while increasing the risk of regressions. Adding advanced styling capabilities would consume development resources that could be put to better use, at least in my view.

So, sorry, my vote, if it counts for anything, is against this one.

Lizard 2008-01-08 09:33 PM

There's another thread discussing more full-featured item styling here: [url][/url]

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