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Clytie 2008-05-25 05:39 AM

Thanks for fixing bug
Hi everyone :)

I can't find my original bug report: it might have been on the mailing list, but some time ago, I did ask for Omniweb not to add the ".txt" suffix to PO files (filename.po).

PO files are gettext translation files, basically text files with a header and structure for translation.

I download a lot of these for translation/update, and having to go through the extra step of Download As... or renaming each file was really adding up to an aggravating amount of time I could be spending doing something useful.

I have noticed that Omniweb is not adding this unrequested file suffix anymore. Yay! :D

Thanks very much to whoever listened to my original plaint and did something about it. This is the sort of response that makes Omniweb the superlative browser it is.

Thankyou. :)

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