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realtyler 2006-10-19 01:30 PM

Request: typing when entire row selected should edit Task Name
One of my goals in least my work to use the mouse as little as's clumsy, cumbersome, and...well...I'm lazy. If possible, I want to navigate around my plan using the keyboard as much as possible.

Perhaps I'm just missing how to do this, but when an entire row is selected, which is often (if I'm indenting our outdenting sections, etc.), what I want is one of two things:

1. A quick command key to start editing task name (either with the cursor @ the end of the text or w/ all the text selected), or even better:
2. If I just start typing when the row is selected, that it overwrites the existing text (or even appends) in that Task Name field

I understand this makes things like using "u" and "d" for moving tasks around difficult. But anything to keep from having to lift my fingers from the keys to grab the mouse.

Lizard 2006-10-19 04:35 PM

1) e

2) yeah, it's a trade off between the quick commands of e, u, d, etc. and just having it start editing. We've tried to mimic Outliner's behavior as much as possible, so at least that way our users who have learned one app can use the other easily too.

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