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lanceosborne 2009-04-01 04:42 PM

Using FTP reveals .html extension on folder due to export
When I export a document as HTML, the folder that is created is named just like the OO document, only without an extension.


is exported as a folder named:

However, when I upload the same folder using Transmit 3.6.7, the uploaded folder is given a .html extension.

After uploading, the folder is named:

I don't have another FTP app to test this in to see if it is a Transmit problem, but I suspect that OO is doing this. Can anyone confirm?

I'm using OmniOutliner/3.8/final-v143.41

whpalmer4 2009-04-01 04:53 PM

If you do File->Get Info on the folder in the Finder, you'll see that the .html extension is there, with the "hide extension" box checked.

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