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Smithcraft 2010-02-08 01:32 PM

Cascading windows
I'm using the 5.10.2 SP and now the windows just stack up right on top of each other. I looked for a cascade option, but couldn't find it.

Can I have cascading windows back?


troyb 2010-02-08 05:06 PM

Hmmm, it's still working okay for me here. Do you get different results if you use the release version of OmniWeb?

Smithcraft 2010-02-09 12:06 AM

Yes, with the regular current version of OmniWeb it cascades.


[edit]Actually the previous version may have been an older SP, and not the regular release.[/edit]

Smithcraft 2010-02-09 01:31 AM

And now it's not working in the regular release version. :(


Smithcraft 2010-02-09 01:37 AM

If I open new windows(cmd n) they cascade. If I open behind windows they stack...


troyb 2010-02-09 11:42 AM

Ahhh I see, we do cascade, but just once, we always cascade down from the frontmost window and since you're opening them in the background they always cascade down to the same spot.

Smithcraft 2010-02-09 01:03 PM

Well, the only thing that changed was trying the new SP. Previously the behind windows did cascade.


troyb 2010-02-09 01:51 PM

We changed the cascading behavior in 5.10.0 so that's probably where this issue started. And I do consider this a bug in case I wasn't clear about that before. I've filed the issue into our tracker.

Smithcraft 2010-02-10 01:07 PM

Well, that's good to know. It's getting really annoying having to move a bunch of windows around.


Smithcraft 2010-12-11 04:17 PM

Perhaps it's fubared in the preferences, but I just installed the current 5.11 SP, and it's still not staggering the behind windows...


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