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jn1982 2012-12-22 06:21 AM

OmniFocus/Busycal2 Not Syncing
Hey there,

I am running BusyCal2 on Mountain Lion OSX. I had been using Calendar (formerly iCal) and had no issues subscribing to the OmniFocus calendar in iCal. However, now that I try to subscribe to the Webcal file in BusyCal2, I keep getting the message from BusyCal that it's unable to connect to the Webcal address.

Anyone having the same or similar issues? All other syncing of OmniFocus (across devices, etc.) is working fine, and the OF server has never let me down.



pvonk 2012-12-22 08:28 AM

Like Bento, many developers are being forced to discontinue integration with Calendar and Contacts due to Apple's deprecating the links to these databases in their development tools. My understanding, after communicating with BusyCal, is that they have developed their own code to maintain connections to Calendar (since it is the main reason for their software). Others, like Bento and (I believe) Omni, do not have this as their primary focus, hence they are dropping integration.

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