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bugmenot 2007-02-15 07:32 AM

Better printing/export of timeline
Is there any ways to customize or improve the way OmniPlan prints/exports to PDF?

With the Outline left of the Gantt timelines, a lot of space gets wasted, while there is lots of space left in the height. Basically what I want is to put the Outline above the Gantt diagram, like a legend on a graph.

It would also be nice if the tasks on the Gantt could be colored differently.

Lizard 2007-02-15 10:54 AM

You could choose to print/export just the Gantt without the Outline. If all you need are task names and resource assignments, those can be displayed right with the tasks.

You can color individual tasks or whole categories of tasks in the Project: Styles inspector.

bugmenot 2007-02-15 11:29 PM

Thank you for telling me how to color the tasks. Nice.

The problem with not showing the Outline and just displaying the task names right with the tasks, is that also this makes the outputted PDF too wide, that is because the task names (sometimes quite a few characters) are labelled to the left of the task.

If those task names would appear above each task, the Gantt would not be so wide.

skwirl 2007-02-22 01:36 PM

I have filed a feature request for you in our database. :)

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