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Drawing exploding pie chart diagrams
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Is there an easy way to create exploded pie chart style diagrams
using omnigraffle? See the attached picture for a sketch of
what I mean.

There's one way of doing this using overlapping arcs,
but it's [I]very[/I] tedious.

And as a bonus question, can text be made to curve along
an arc of a given radius. Preferably this would be the radius
of the arc containing the text.

I've wanted to create this kind of diagram a number of times,
but always given up. But given it keeps coming up, now I'm asking.


priceless 2009-07-07 06:58 AM

Hello Neil

I'd tackle this diagram in OmniGraffle Pro using a combination of some core shapes (e.g. a circle and maybe an arc or two) and then use some of the boolean shape tools (menu --> Edit --> Shapes) to cut out and / or fuse together the pieces into the right shapes you're looking for.

As to the bonus question - I'm not going to get the points for that one. At the moment OG cannot do that... although many of us hold out hope for an upgrade that will


--Morgan 2009-07-07 12:40 PM

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Thanks Morgan, I haven't played with subtracting shapes before --
that definitely makes things somewhat easier.

It's still somewhat tedious to create the kind of diagram
I'm after, but I can at least create them.

Attached is a version of the diagram I sketched. As you can see,
this aren't quite properly aligned / concentric, but no doubt
I'll get there.


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