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qomni 2012-01-31 10:29 PM

Freeze or lock rows and columns (Feature request)
[INDENT]Most spreadsheets allow users to freeze or lock rows and columns. This allows the user to scroll through the document, yet keep a certain number of rows and/or columns visibly locked on the screen.

This would be a wonderful addition to OmniOutliner!
[INDENT]Please bear in mind, I am not suggesting "locking" the data in the cells of a specified row or column, as requested here: [URL=""][/URL]

This request is just to keep "heading" information from scrolling off the screen as the user scrolls through the remaining rows or columns.[/INDENT]
For the record, I like OmniOutliner better than any outliner I've used. Unfortunately I've resorted/reverted to using spreadsheet applications instead, because there I can lock row and column headers.

I would very much like to start using OmniOutliner, again, but I'm stymied by the lack of this feature, which is essential to my work.

Thanks, qomni[/INDENT]

DerekM 2012-02-01 10:04 AM

We have an existing request for this that I've added your vote to. We'll be keeping this in mind for future updates. Thanks!

qomni 2012-02-01 10:01 PM

[QUOTE=DerekM;106840]We have an existing request for this that I've added your vote to. We'll be keeping this in mind for future updates. Thanks![/QUOTE]


Fortunately OmniO locks its row of Column Titles, preventing them from scrolling off screen. Smart, and largely sufficient for "locking column headers". The option of locking multiple rows would be even better.

However, I REALLY need to lock the leftmost column, so it never scrolls off the screen.

That's the deal breaker for me, that I can't lock row "headers" and prevent them from scrolling. When an Outliner document grows horizontally, due to the addition of columns, and I need to scroll to the right, I lose reference to the row's type of data—i.e. its header info.

I think your dedicated users would love this feature, because it would allow them to easily navigate large documents without losing their bearings.

Thanks again,


yep012 2012-09-12 01:23 AM

I agree
That would make a huge difference. I'm encountering the same frustration with wide documents. I have to keep scrolling left and right, but I really need to read the left column as I enter analysis into a variety of columns further right and so not being able to view both simultaneously makes life difficult (and oddly disorienting).

Please add my vote to the list!

jojoba 2012-09-16 04:25 AM

I would love this, too. It would be a HUGE benefit.

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