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dubteka 2007-01-12 03:49 PM

Copying/Pasting from one file to another (master canvas problem)
Hi, I need some help on this one...

I'm trying to copy and paste a wireframe built in an OmniGraffle file that uses master canvases into another document.

The problem is when I try and select the content on my canvas, none of the master canvas content can be selected... Thus not allowing me to copy and paste all of the contents on the canvas into another document. And, of course, if I remove master dependency, I lose my master canvas content.

Is there a way to unlock master canvas content on regular canvases?

I'm on a Mac G5 OS 10.4.8, Omnigraffle Pro 4.1.2.

Many thanks.

schwa23 2007-01-18 08:17 PM

If I understand what you're trying to do, I think there's a couple of solutions, here's what I would do:

Show the utility drawer so you can see your masters well in both documents. Drag the 'source' master to the destination document.

Now, drag the 'source' canvas to the destination document's canvas well in the utility drawer.

If all goes well, you should have an exact copy, keeping the master relationship intact. If your second document already had a master with the same name, you might need to re-apply the dragged master to the canvas.

Alternatively, you could copy and paste the contents of the original master to a master in your new document. then repeat with the orginal canvas, pasting to a canvas in your new doc.

hope that helps,


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