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rmathes 2007-11-17 07:23 PM

Jott support?
I’ve been using iGTD and like it, but am a huge fan of OmniGroup and am giving OF a serious demo.

One thing I'm seeing missing is Jott support. In iGTD, I have it setup so that jotts I send to myself automatically end up in my inbox as new tasks. Is this possible in OF?

pvonk 2007-11-18 03:58 AM

Well, never having heard of Jott, I did a search and found the company's web site. Its main title says: "Jott public beta"

What kind of support do you want?

rmathes 2007-11-18 04:27 AM

Jotts are cool. After you set up your Jott account, the way it works is you call your Jott phone number. An automated voice asks “who do you want to Jott” and you can either assign a task to someone else you’ve setup on your account or to yourself. Then you speak whatever you want. So I can then say “pay car registration” and in about 5-10 minutes I'll get an email in my inbox with the text transcribed, so it says it’s from Jott and has the text “pay car registration”.

Then what iGTD does, someone over there put together an applescript used in conjunction with a Mail rule that recognizes an email from Jott and automatically puts it into my iGTD inbox. So now I have a task already sitting there called “pay car registration”.

It’s a powerful tool I use primarily when I'm out and about, away from any other capture system, like driving in my car, and I remember something I want to get done.

I noticed on the OF webpage that there is a way for OF to recognize emails sent to me to assign tasks, and it will automatically put those into the inbox, but I can’t find documentation about how to set that up. Perhaps that can be tailored to accomplish this.

rmathes 2007-11-18 05:56 AM

OK, figured out how to handle this per the basic email functionality in preferences. Just added a criteria to the rule to capture the emails from Jott, added the ‘’ address to the list of accepted senders and it’s done.


omnibob 2007-11-18 08:39 AM

While it would really be cool if the Jott translators were hip to the separators OF uses, like :: # //, alternatively, with discipline, one could maybe say: "Get light fixture PROJECT home repair CONTEXT Home Depot START tomorrow DUE Friday TIME one hour NOTES Get brand x", then have a script forward the email to one's account, add "--" at the beginning, and replace the code words with the appropriate symbols.


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