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ahdavidson 2008-12-11 01:08 PM

hierarchical row numbering - inheritance
I'm a new OmniOutliner user with a seemingly simple problem that I can not figure out, nor can I find any answers in the manual or in this forum.

I would like to develop an outline with rows automatically numbered hierarchically like this:

1 item 1
-1.1 child 1
-1.2 child 2
--1.2.1 grandchild 1
--1.2.2 grandchild 2
-1.3 child 3
--1.3.1 grandchild 1


I have not been able to do this. I have selected the "[B]1, 1.1, 1.1.1, [/B]" item from the [B]View/Row Numbering[/B] menu for the entire document, but all I can get is an outline that looks like this:

1 item 1
-1 child 1
-2 child 2
--1 grandchild 1
--2 grandchild 2
-3 child 3
--1 grandchild 1

That is, only the "leaf" number of the tree is shown, not the entire numbering hierarchy.

Am I missing something obvious?
Thanks for any help.

Brian 2008-12-11 01:46 PM

I'm sorry for the confusion this is causing! If you open up the Style Attributes inspector and then select the first row in the document, what appears in the "All Level 1 Rows" or "Selected Row" sections?

More specific styles override more general ones; my guess is that either the Legal heading type is being overridden by another style in one of those categories, or that the Legal style has been applied in multiple places - that would "reset" the hierarchy. In either case, you can remove the unwanted style by clicking the small circle-with-an-X on the right side of the row in the S.A. inspector.

Does that help?

ahdavidson 2008-12-11 02:28 PM

Ok, that was very helpful!

Thanks, that was exactly the problem. I removed all the styles from the lower level rows, then selected the entire column (whole document) and set the legal numbering attribute. All is now as I expected.

Many thanks (and for a tasty tool, indeed).


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