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Pat Gilmour 2008-09-30 07:52 AM

Pasting Graphics - inconsistent results?
I suspect this is user error but I wonder if anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong:

-I'm working in Photoshop CS3. I Copy an image (this is the same in other app's I've tried).
-I enter a note field in OF. I paste.
-Sometimes I get an icon sometimes I get the image (which is what I want).

So I tried saving JPEG and PNG files and dragging the files into OF with the Option key held down. Again, sometimes I'm getting icons (which can be Quick Looked) and sometimes graphics.

Any idea how to get the graphics to always display as graphics in the Note Fields?

Thanks, Pat

Pat Gilmour 2008-10-13 04:27 AM

Bump :-)

Brian 2008-10-14 04:01 AM

I would probably send email to the support ninjas on this one - OmniFolks browse the forums as we're able, but the folks here don't have 100% of the answers.

Normally, I'd ask one of the developers in the dining room, but I'm about 8 time zones away from the office for another couple of weeks. :-)

Pat Gilmour 2008-10-14 07:19 AM

Thanks Brian - will contact support.

avernet 2008-12-21 02:04 AM


I noticed the same behavior and was wondering if you got some useful suggestion from the OmniFocus support ninjas?

You mentioned that you noticed this with PNG and JPG files. I have also seen this with pasted PDF documents.

(My feeling is that OmniFocus is showing an icon if the pasted document is larger than a certain size. Whatever the behavior is, it appears as being inconsistent, and even if the document is too large, I think it would be better for OmniFocus to display a scaled down version of the document.)


Pat Gilmour 2008-12-21 09:00 AM

Alex, I've since deleted the email they sent (they're quick and worth contacting though). However, the basic idea, as I remember it, was to drag n drop or hold down Option. To be honest, I sort of gave up on a consistent solution though I still hope this will improve in future versions!


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