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Vramin 2009-06-13 11:36 AM

Is there any way to hide Due Soon in a Context view?
I have some repeating tasks for things that I like to make sure I take care of every day. When I look at my contexts, I'd really like to see what is due right now and all of the Next Actions that I could choose to act on at the time. However, the Due Soon items keep showing up, even though I've already done them for the day.

I haven't found a way to hide the Due Soon items, or set Due Soon zero or at least something less than 24 hours.

I like that I can see what's coming in planning mode, but in Context mode I really don't need to see tomorrow's stuff.

Due Soon hides the "as soon as possible" actions.
Due or Flagged does the same thing.
Next Action shows the "as soon as possible" actions, but also shows tomorrow's dated actions.
Available is pretty much the same as Next Action.

How can I hide the Due Soon items in Context view?

Lucas 2009-06-14 07:18 AM

I think I understand the problem to be you have tasks repeating that are due each day and when you check them off then they are due tomorrow but still showing up and interfering with your work today. I think that you want to add a start date to your repeating task so that it will be unavailable until the next day that it is due.

whpalmer4 2009-06-14 07:29 AM

Lucas, even with a future start date an action that is due within the Due Soon window will be displayed (though it should be styled as not available). I can understand that some might not like that behavior, though I don't find it objectionable. I use the Due Soon filter in a group by Due view, which lessens the visual impact a bit. If you're using the Due Soon filter as essentially a "what is due [b]today[/b]" view, you can save a perspective with the Due Tomorrow group closed.

Vramin 2009-06-14 12:08 PM

The Due View is nice, and does in fact hide the Due Soon items, but it also hides everything else, so looking for "What can I do right now in this context?" is never really answered. Either I'm not seeing the "As soon as possible" tasks with no due date, or I'm also seeing "Due Soon" tasks that I really can't act on again until tomorrow.

Lucas's suggestion seems to be pretty good, though. If I set both the due date and the start date on the item, when I check it off it immediately moves to Due Soon, but also gets displayed as Blocked. I've set Blocked items to display in a very light gray, so this makes them a lot easier to ignore.

That's a reasonable workaround. I would still assert that a true GTD implementation would hide what I can't do right now when I'm in a Context view ("do" mode). I shouldn't have to parse the items to see which I can do based on due or soon. "As soon as possible" items still show up, and should be enough to let me get a head start on something if I need to. The Due Soon highlights are invaluable for planning mode, though, where the orange highlight alerts me that I should be preparing.

Vramin 2009-06-14 12:27 PM

Looking back at my context views now with the Start Dates set, this seems to be working just perfectly. The "Due Soon" items show up if I choose a "Due" based filter, but not when I filter for Available. This looks like the right answer. Thanks, Lucas!

Lucas 2009-06-24 05:42 AM

Glad to help!

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