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Bosse 2011-09-03 11:29 PM

Shortcuts using other languages
Hi Brian and all,
I'm based in Sweden and just trying out your amazing software. However, keyboard combinations don't seem to work with my Mac using Swedish as in put language. For example Outlining Add Child, and several others. How could I change macros so I could use shortcuts using my Mac with the keyboard set at using Swedish as input?
Best wishes,
Bosse Lindquist
Swedish Television

mettlerr 2011-09-07 04:00 AM

Hello Bosse

You may change any keyboard shortcut of any Mac program yourself in the System Preferences (in the Apple-Menu).

- Open System Preferences, go to "Keyboard", then activate the tab "Keyboard Shortcuts".
- Now choose "Application Shortcuts" in the left hand panel, and then press the "+" under the right hand panel.
- Choose "OmniFocus" from the list of applications, and in the field "Menu Title" write the exact wording of the menu entry you would like to change the keyboard shortcut for (for example "Indent").
- Then record a keyboard shortcut in the field "Keyboard Shortcut", press "Add", and you're done.

Your new keyboard shortcut should now work in OmniFocus. I had to do the same thing, as I have a Swiss-German keyboard here.



Bosse 2011-09-07 12:56 PM

Thanks Roland, really very helpful and kind of you! Yes, this certainly did the trick! Very useful!
Many thanks and best wishes,
Bosse Lindquist

Brian 2011-09-07 01:56 PM

Bosse, sorry I didn't see this earlier! Roland, thanks for being so helpful before I did. Our customers are the greatest. :-)

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