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GeorgeV 2011-11-14 07:55 PM

What do we do with completed tasks?
Excuse me if this has been discussed before. What is to be done with completed actions? Should they just be deleted? Is there an archive function?

Brian 2011-11-16 01:52 PM

Happy to help, George - completed actions will remain in your database but be hidden from view in pretty short order. (Once you switch views or leave the app.)

The Search function will include completed actions in the results it returns, in case you want to un-complete them or refer back to them for informational purposes.

If you're syncing with the Mac app, you can archive completed actions there under the File menu - the app will create a second non-syncing database to store completed items. The iPad app doesn't currently have a similar feature, but we do have a request open on that in our development database - I'll attach you to that request. Thanks!

TheAntonHein 2011-11-17 04:57 AM

While that's not there, can I "just" parse the XML files and rip completed items out?

eltsyr 2011-11-27 12:01 AM

Hi everyone

After a fews weeks of intensive use I came to 3 conclusions
- [B]lack of archiving makes "search" function less effective[/B] as it retrieves completed tasks as well. I have 2 meetings to animate, when I search for "meeting" tasks I currently get 50+ tasks and I have to scroll to get the one that I want.
- [B]In term of performance I can foresee this become a problem[/B]. It may be psychological but when I launch Omnifocus it seems the database loading bar is slower than usual.
- [B]This feature is offered by some competitors[/B] ("todo" by appigo if I remember well). Omnifocus is, though, so far above its competitors that never have I one second regretted my purchase :)

In term of implementation may I suggest at least a listbox proposing to delete completed tasks after 7, 30, 90 & 180 rolling days or never, during synchronisation step for example.

GeoffAirey 2011-11-28 05:33 AM

I would email the support ninjas adding your name to the list. This is in the database as a requested feature, but the more people who ask for it, the more likely it is to be done.

dubscg 2011-11-28 01:31 PM

Searching Archives?
But once you archive will you be able to search on another computer? I currently run OmniFocus at work and Home as well as on my iPhone. I use the sync function (which is great). I recently archived on my home computer and couldn't search to find an old item on my work one. Is there a workaround?

TheAntonHein 2011-12-14 05:38 AM

How do we do the "email support ninja" thing? I'd LOVE to add my name to this list as after only a few months of working with OF, this is starting to become a pain in....

Greg Jones 2011-12-14 06:09 AM

[QUOTE=TheAntonHein;105106]How do we do the "email support ninja" thing? I'd LOVE to add my name to this list as after only a few months of working with OF, this is starting to become a pain in....[/QUOTE]

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