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rdr 2011-05-18 03:26 PM

Need some advice on projects, organization
After watching MacSparky's videos, I think I've settled on a new structure for my OmniFocus projects, but it's led to some questions that I hope some experienced hands can help me with.

To start, I've created folders for Home and Work. Within work, I created folders for each of the major functions of my job (HR, Sales, Manufacturing, Service, etc). I've set up a few projects inside many of these folders. But I also realize that I have a number of one-off items for each job function. For instance, having HR send out a memo reminding employees to wear their identification badges doesn't really require the weight of a project. It's just a single action.

So, my question is, are there advantages to putting Single Action Lists into each job function folder, or should I keep one Single Action List for the enclosing Work folder?

Watching David Sparks' videos, it struck me that just about every action in his Inbox was assigned to a Project. To me, that seems like overkill, but maybe there isn't much of a cost (or any cost) in such an arrangement.

Maybe I'm just overthinking the whole thing! Feel free to tell me.

In any case, thank you for any recommendations.

-- Robert

Brian 2011-05-18 03:39 PM

If the actions are truly things that other folks need to do, as your example implies, I'd suggest creating a hierarchy of contexts - groups that do things, with the people that make up the group inside. Assign the actions to those contexts. So if HR needs to send the email, it's an action in one of your projects assigned to their context.

Regarding how many miscellaneous projects/single action lists you need - my advice would be that it's better to start out erring on the side of too few than too many. Maybe just Work and Home, then break them up more if it is actually helpful to your workflow.

Don't just make one SAL for every subgroup - it's tempting to make a whole bunch of lists just to have some place to put things, but in practice that means you're wading through a bunch of lists you don't actually need.

LewF 2011-05-28 06:42 AM

Multiple Users
Does anyone have experience of multiple users of the same OF data? I am working closely with a colleague and want to share tasks on projects. I understand that we would need to have separately purchased and running copies of OF, but beyond that, how could we integrate? Ideally, I'd like to have my own OF running, with all of my home, work, projects, etc. and only share those that are mutually relevant for work. Is this possible?

bmushrush 2011-06-06 06:29 PM

I also have Work and Home top level folders. What I did with Single Action Tasks was to add one Miscellaneous SAL within my Home folder. Any task that does not warrant a project goes in here.

I have some sub level folders within Home for groups of projects (Home Improvements, Reading, Travel, and Someday). Probably don't need this level of separation but I like to see things grouped this way when drilling down into Projects.

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