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EugeneB 2012-06-17 09:44 PM

Feature request: mail to inbox when BCC yourself
I'm using Mail feature a lot. And I think you can simplify the process. Now I have to put myself in a copy and put "--" sign in the subject line for the mail to get into Omni inbox (+omnifocus feature is not supported by my mail). It's too complex.

I suggest to process any emails that have self email address in the BCC field.

Could you please add such an option?


nickwild 2012-06-23 12:37 AM


You can do this easily by creating a rule in mail or outlook that triggers a script then sends the email to your Omni inbox with a link back to the email.

As I use Outlook with exchange I have set up a new email address ( and when an email ARRIVES from that email address it triggers the script to run and copy to omni.

I also have a separate script and email address when I waiting for an answer from somebody on something (waiting@) that triggers a script that puts the email into a task with a waiting context


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