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Joel 2012-09-19 04:42 PM

OmniGraffle for iPad 1.8 is now available
OmniGraffle for iPad 1.8 is a major update that adds a new drawing tools interface as well as better support for iPads with Retina displays and fixes a number of bugs.


[I][NOTE: If you're reading this within a few hours of the original post, your local App Store might not have the update yet. If that happens, just wait an hour or so and then try again: it will be there soon!][/I]

We love hearing from you! You can reach us by tapping Contact Omni in the Gear Menu (found in the document browser), sending email to [email][/email], tweeting to [URL=""]@omnigraffle[/URL], or calling 1-800-315-OMNI or +1 206-523-4152.

[B]New Features[/B]
[LIST][*]A new toolbar has been added to house the drawing tools, improving usability and allowing the addition of future drawing tools.[*]Controls have been added to the Canvas Size Inspector to set whether the zoom level and object geometry is based on Apple points, screen pixels, or PostScript points.[*]The Inspector interface has been greatly improved.[*]A new Artistic Fill Style, Stipple, has been added.[*]Performance optimizations for placed images and artistic fills have been added.[/LIST]
[B]Bug Fixes[/B]
[LIST][*]Addresses a number of compatibility issues when running on iOS 6.[*]The Stroke Inspector thickness steppers should now handle values less than one point.[*]Improved performance when dealing with multiple canves documents that have text variables.[*]Fixed some corner radius rendering issues on Retina displays.[*]Fixed a bug where placed PDFs would vanish when exporting a document.[*]Fixed some issues when double-tapping stencils to add them to the canvas.[*]Fixed a crash when attempting to change the font after clearing text from an object.[/LIST]

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