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Hughjc 2010-08-02 12:46 PM

Background image for ipad version
Is there any way to paste an image from outside of OmniGraffle into a OG document on the ipad? I would love to be able to paste a site plan or a floor plan into the document and draw over it. Opening a pdf directly and being able to draw over it as an OG document would be the ultimate solution.

Ken Case 2010-08-02 05:37 PM

Certainly! Just use Copy and Paste: Copy an image from another app (I just copied an image from this web page in Safari, but you can also copy them from Mail and Photos), then Paste it into OmniGraffle. (To paste, tap on the canvas to get the contextual menu, then choose Paste.)

Hope this helps!

Hughjc 2010-08-03 09:15 AM

Worked great...
Copying and pasting did it. I may never go back to visio...

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