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NatHarari 2011-06-14 04:59 AM

OO4 Upgrade?
Hi there,

Just a quick question: After using OO3 since a few weeks (I bought it and I love it of course), I have a question about OO4:

As stated, I just bought OO4 a couple of weeks ago at best. Will I be getting OO4 as a free upgrade? I'm just curious. I saw a post on here from a while back saying that by that time (and it was already over a month ago that it was posted), anyone who bought OO3 after that time would get OO4 for free. The only thing is: It seems like it's taking a little longer for OO4 to come out so I'm wondering if that position is still a valid one?

Also, I did see somebody mention that tabs would be a great idea for this coming version and I concur in every possible way. :)

whpalmer4 2011-06-14 06:59 AM

Ken just said that anyone purchasing OO3 at this point will get a free upgrade to OO4, when it ships. Nothing was said about when we should expect OO4 to actually arrive!

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