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Declan 2012-03-01 08:47 PM

Auto-correct on Lion
Can anyone figure out how to disable the autocorrect function? It doesn't disturb me with every application, but it does with Omnioutliner. Devonthink doesn't suffer from it, nor does Nisus.

I've been to the system preferences and disabled both "Correct spelling automatically" and "Use symbol and text substitution" but still it is showing up in omnioutliner.

I need to be able to type freely without worrying whether the computer is going to know better than me. I don't need to be pressing the escape button all the time.

Huelp! I can take carre off my ownn spellling.


Declan 2012-03-02 03:39 AM

Well, I am glad to report that the solution appears to be simple. It came to me in a blinding flash of light: restart omnioutliner. So I did.
It worked!

Which is good, because I was about to despair with that thing changing my every other word. How anyone can tolerate such a torture is beyond me!


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