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ptone 2008-03-21 08:50 AM

OmniFocus cross linking (URLS) broken?
Omnifocus URLs broken?

I used to be able to use URLs like this:

And OF would activate and then reveal the specified task.

This would work in other applications, and was also the basis for cross linking OF tasks.

Copy a task, goto the note of another task, paste, and you would get a link to the first task.

Now, when a OF URL is clicked, OF opens a new window that is a duplicate of the current view, but does not highlight (or reveal) the linked task. (this happens for both external and internal links).

I'm not sure when this broke, but I now miss it. I'm hoping that it will be restored to the original "reveal in existing window" behavior I remember from the prerelease versions...

I've sent in feedback, but I'm posting here also to confirm its not just me (1.0.1 - leopard)


Toadling 2008-03-21 09:20 AM

Using "Copy As Link" from the contextual menu, and just copying the action itself, [B]both work[/B] when pasted into another app or elsewhere in OmniFocus on my system (Mac OS X 10.5.2, OF 1.0.1). No problems at all.

So the question is, how is your set up different from mine? Have you tried reinstalling OF? Maybe trying it as a different user? Or maybe swapping out your prefs?

ptone 2008-03-21 10:32 AM

Seems to have self resolved....

I had tested it several different ways and was getting the problems I reported, but came back to it later and it seems to work fine.

It still opens a new window, and I'd prefer it to reuse my open one, but that is relatively minor.

I'm a new Journler user, and have put together a toolbar script for creating a Journler entry for a task, with bi-directional linking.



Toadling 2008-03-21 12:50 PM

Glad it's working again. And your script sounds like a nice idea. If I were a Journler user, I'd be sure to pick it up. ;-)

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