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dru 2011-04-10 09:26 AM

Vimeo clips always fail
For example, the embedded vimeo clip here: [URL=""][/URL]

It gives an error "Oops! Something broke. Please try again later!" Works fine in Safari 5. I'm using the 5.11 sneak peek (v622.15 r145554).

Switching browser identity has no effect.

whpalmer4 2011-04-10 09:56 AM

Plays fine here using that same rev. Played the start of a handful of the Omni Group Macworld videos, too, just to give it an extra opportunity to fail :-)

Try making a new user account and viewing it there; perhaps you've got something corrupted in your environment.

troyb 2011-04-11 10:12 AM

It actually doesn't work for me either. I haven't tracked down the cause of this yet though. It's a little frustrating as I'm trying to embed some vimeo content on our site. :)

Interesting to know that it isn't broken for everyone. Bill are you on the sneaky peek?

whpalmer4 2011-04-11 10:35 AM

Yep, like I said, running the very same revision:

Build details:

Product: OmniWeb-5.11
Date: 2011-03-08 02:47:15 -0800
Builder: omnibuild
Revision: 145554

Tried it myself in a fresh account (successfully), just to make sure I hadn't inadvertently set the super-secret "just make it work" option that even Troy apparently doesn't know about :-)

troyb 2011-04-11 10:48 AM

Oops, sorry, missed that. Yeah, funny enough the problem is reproducible for me on multiple machines in multiple locations. Safari always works. Thanks for the info.

dru 2011-04-11 03:22 PM

[QUOTE=whpalmer4;95685]Try making a new user account and viewing it there; perhaps you've got something corrupted in your environment.[/QUOTE]

I never had a vimeo account. Further, sometimes I get a blank tab opened to "" such as when I try to play the clip here:


whpalmer4 2011-04-11 03:26 PM

No, I meant a new user account on your Mac. Largely eliminates any question of corrupted preferences or conflicting settings, etc.

troyb 2011-04-13 11:02 AM

So fwiw, the problem appears when using the html5 player. Or at least that's what I'm seeing. If you switch to the Flash player embeds work properly.

whpalmer4 2011-04-13 11:35 AM

Well, I quit OmniWeb, downloaded the flash player uninstaller from Adobe, ran it, relaunched OmniWeb, and am happily watching the original video posted on this thread. Adobe's website doesn't detect a flash player here. Anything else you want me to try?

Clean living and righteous thoughts, that's the ticket :-)

troyb 2011-04-13 12:20 PM

Well, if you want to see what we were seeing, it's as simple as going to a vimeo page (like say: [url][/url]) and then clicking the "Switch to HTML5 player" link below the video. Likewise, Dru should be able to click on the "Switch to Flash player" one to get embeds to work.

Though there could of course be another issue causing problems as well, but this is the one i've found.

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