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prizmev 2011-11-10 05:39 AM

Export fromOmniGraffle, import into Mac Word?
I'm using Word for Mac 2011 and would like to have Visio-like drawings in the document, and be able to hand the .doc file to a Windows user and have them be able to work with the drawings in the file in their environment.

I downloaded OmniGraffle and it makes nice drawings (flow charts, in my case). I can export them as PDF Vector Images and insert those images into a Word document as Photo->Picture from File, but then I have "dead" drawings.

When I try to export my drawings from OmniGraffle as Visio XML Documents and then use Word's Insert->File method to pull in the XML file, I get an error saying that Word "cannot open the file because there is no available data view (XSLT)". As a test, I opened (on my Mac) a Word document that has a Visio drawing in it (both generated on Windows), and that works fine (I can't manipulate the drawing, but I knew this wouldn't be possible).

Is it possible to make drawings in OmniGraffle and pull those drawings into Word, and have the drawings be "live", all the while staying in a Mac environment?



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