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DWS 2008-01-15 07:21 AM

Imported from iCal, but can't see Actions in Contexts
Hi all!

I've synched my iCal tasks into OF and these are successfully showing up in the in the Inbox. What were 'Calendars' in iCal are correctly showing up as 'Contexts'.

However when i switch to Contexts view in OF, none of my tasks are visible. Using 'Completed' in the 'View' drop down, I can see the completed tasks, so I know that the data is coming through from iCal. Why can't I view my Actions otherwise? Anybody come across this problem before? I'm not using 'Focus' or 'Perspectives' so neither of these things are to blame.


DWS 2008-01-16 10:55 AM


I've worked it out - it's under Preferences/Data/Inbox Processing. By default the option is to Clean Up Actions assigned to a Project - changing the option to Actions assigned to Context fixed it. Wouldn't have been better to do both by default?

Anyway - cheers!


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