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jpepper 2008-05-30 10:09 AM

Goal Organization (or Focus)
I'm making an effort to be more goal orientated and I'm hoping to use OF towards that end. My problem is organization of projects.

Currently I have folders for different areas of my life, mainly folders and subfolders for work and personal projects. I use folders so that I can quickly find different projects and I also use folders to help me focus on various project areas (when I'm not working with context focus).

Right now I'm wishing that there was a way to make project shortcuts. This would enable be to organize my work and personal projects under a larger goal that I am working towards. For example, the project would be organized under 'Work', but I would be able to use the shortcut to also put that project under a goal.

The easy answer is to just move that projects under a goal folder, but I really like (need) the specific organization based on the areas of my life.

Anyone else trying to work bigger picture goals into their OF set up? Any tips?

Lizard 2008-06-06 12:25 PM

You might take a look at perspectives. There's [URL=""]a video here[/URL].

With perspectives, you could select projects from multiple folders, Focus on Selected Projects (in the View menu), and then save that as a perspective. Then you can view all the goal-related projects together, whether they're in your Work folder or not.

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