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pacificstoryteller 2009-04-16 01:41 AM

Linked or Embedded Objects - Different SubGraphs?
Hi...I'm new to OmniGraffle and trying to determine if it will do what I need it to before I buy it. (So I don't have a lot of experience with it yet.)

I'm trying to figure out a way to have one master canvas that is a flowchart/diagram of a large series of events/story/characters/different storylines. I want to group these events into smaller, subordinate canvases as books/chapters/acts/scenes. There are two ways I envision doing this, but can't figure out how to do it within Graffle.

First, is there a way to have a SubGraph actually on another canvas? I like how a subgraph collapses to a single object, but when I expand it, it covers everything else because I want to put a lot of things in it. Rather, is it possible to have a mini representation on the master canvas that indicates in real time the contents of and changes made to a subordinate canvas? With lines from the master canvas that flow into and out of the subordinate canvas?


Second, is there a way to link objects/squares? So if I made changes to an object/square on one canvas, those changes are reflected in a linked object/square in another canvas? Shared layers seem to be limited to objects/squares being in the same location on different canvases so doesn't seem to be a good way for a subordinate canvas to function as a blown up portion of the larger master canvas.

Any ideas or suggestions? I appreciate it!

priceless 2009-04-16 06:20 AM

You can definitely do something that might work for you with OG (I use pro, so forgive me if this isn't all in the regular version). You can create a top level flow and then on different canvases (not layers) create the sub flows.

To create links between the, select a box on your main flow and then in the inspector go to: Properties:Action

And there you can select an action based on what is most appropriate -- I typically use "Switch to Specific Canvas" and then select the canvas where the detailed flows are. This then allows you to run the presentation (in Pro) and jump around interactively and also works on an exported PDF file. There are other options there which might help you as well.

Putting an object that is "Back to main" that links back to the master canvas in a shared layer allows all pages to jump back to the high level flow.

Hope that Helps


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