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Boatguy 2008-02-22 09:37 PM

Restoring snapshots crashes constantly
Do snapshots work reliably for anyone? I purchased OW 5.6 and really like the vertical tabs, workspaces, snapshots concept, but it crashes 5 out of 6 times when I attempt to restore a snapshot.

I've tried the 5.7 Sneaky Peeks, but no luck, same problem.

My system is current, OS X 10.5.2, MBP 15", 4GB memory.

Great features, but just doesn't work. What really bugs me is that I've reported this numerous times and it doesn't even show up under the "known problems" of 5.6.

JKT 2008-02-23 02:13 PM

It means that one or more of the sites you have in your snapshot is causing OmniWeb to crash, not that the snapshot feature doesn't work [B][I]per se[/I][/B]. I have been using snapshots for several years now and, yes, it does work.

For the snapshot that is crashing, try to identify the tab(s) that are causing the crash and remove them from the snapshot. Report which sites are causing the crash to OmniGroup.

Ken Case 2008-02-25 07:52 AM

Boatguy sent us a list of pages for a workspace that was crashing, and I was able to reproduce the problem and hopefully fixed it in revision 97922.

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