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Lutin 2011-07-22 04:46 AM

Light your PowerMate in sync with your OmniFocus database
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I just received the PowerMate I bought from Griffin. It is a multifunction knob.


You can control it's light. The most obvious use I immediately tried? Sync it's light to the state of the OmniFocus database.

Have some over due tasks? It will flash at a very high frequency.
Still have some flagged tasks not yet completed? It will pulse, slowly, just like the Mac sleep light.
If you are in control -no overdue tasks nor flagged tasks- it will dim its light.

Application is attached below.
If you want to edit it, you can open it in Script Editor. Don't forget to share your changes.

Hopefully, it will help me to deal with flagged tasks. I use them to mark the Most Important Tasks I want to deal in a day. They are tasks I need to complete if I want to move forward my active and important projects.

But sometimes, I prefer to "ignore" them. This way, I have a gentle but unmissable sign.

[B]How to use it:[/B]
I used Lingon to run this app every 2 minutes.
Attached is a screenshot to help you configure it.

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