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eronel 2011-09-05 08:44 AM

Change in Completion of Repeating Items
I'm wondering if there has been an intended change in how completion of repeating items is handled.

From the release notes for OmniFocus 1.1 sneaky peek - August 15, 2008:
Completing a repeating single action list correctly produces a new single action list (rather than a parallel project).

Now, completed items (actions, action groups, or projects) retain their repeating status. So when I uncheck the completed one, I have two parallel repeating items. The problem is that I used the old behavior in order to quickly create a non-repeating version of the item that I could tweak for my current needs. I found no mention of this change in the release notes.

Is the new situation the expected behavior?

Many thanks.

whpalmer4 2011-09-05 10:24 AM

The (very) old behavior referred to in the quoted release note was that if a single action list was marked completed and was set to repeat, the newly created project would be a parallel project instead of a single action list.

I've been unable to find a version of OmniFocus (including 1.0.1) where the completed project has its repeat status altered by the act of completion. I very much doubt it was intentional, assuming there is a version out there which really behaves this way. In any case, if you want to duplicate a project, a much better way is to select the project, do Edit→Duplicate, bring up the inspector and uncheck the repeat. That way, you are relying only on intended behavior, not undocumented side effects (possibly accidental, at that).

eronel 2011-09-06 05:04 AM

Ah, thanks very much for the reply. I see what the wording means now.

I would still prefer the behavior that my memory (however faulty) tells me that I should expect. The main reason is that it bypasses mouse clicking in favor of keyboarding.

Your reply makes me curious as to how you were able to check whether previous versions of OF had this feature. Do you keep copies of all the old versions for situations like this?

whpalmer4 2011-09-08 09:37 PM

You can download them from the Omni website. I've done this drill enough times that I've learned to just keep the .dmg files for next time rather than going through the process of figuring out just where it was on the Omni website that I had to go, but I guess this is a good enough reason to do it again :-)

All the software that can be run on 10.4 or later can be found [URL=""]here[/URL]

All the software that can be run on 10.3 or later can be found [URL=""]here[/URL]

I don't install the old versions, just run them from the disk image after double-clicking the .dmg file. I also do this in a separate test account to lessen the chance of anything happening to my main database when I fire up a much older version.

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