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nunez 2011-10-04 05:31 PM

Open Folder / Notes Scripts broken in Lion Full Screen Mode
Greetings all,

I've recently upgraded to Lion, but now find that the Open Folder / Notes scripts I was using, the ones written by Jim Harrison, are broken in full screen mode.

Link: [url][/url]

I get an error "Click on or in a project, task or note before running this script". When not in full-screen mode, everything works fine.

Does anyone have any ideas?

- SteveN

RobTrew 2011-10-05 02:42 AM

Yes, some aspect of [I]front window[/I] handling in the OF Applescript library seems to be broken for/by Lion's full screen mode.

You will need to send an email to the Ninjas through [B]Help > Send Feedback[/B] in the main OF menu.

RobTrew 2011-10-05 03:21 AM

Flying blind here, because I don't have a Lion installation, but I understand that windows in Lion have a new attribute, [I]AXFullScreen[/I], so scripts should at least be able to detect the full screen condition, and apologize that they are unable to work with it.

Should be something like this (untested) snippet:
[CODE]on IsFullScreen()
tell application id "sevs"
tell process "OmniFocus"
set blnFullScreen to false
set blnFullScreen to (value of attribute "AXFullScreen" of front window)
end try
return blnFullScreen
end tell
end tell
end IsFullScreen[/CODE]

curt.clifton 2011-10-06 03:42 PM

The issue is that the front-most window in full screen mode is not actually the main document window. Notice how when you move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen to reveal the menu bar, the toolbar slides down [i]in front of[/i] the main window.

In most cases, you can change references to the: [code]front window[/code] to instead say: [code]first document window of default document[/code]

That works in normal and full screen modes. The only problem is when you have another document (say your Archive) open and in full screen. My alternative phrasing won't reference that other document.

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