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stax 2012-11-28 12:42 PM

OmniFocus URLs in Calendar
Adding OmniFocus URLs to Calendar events is a great way of jumping from the Calendar directly into an OmniFocus task or project (say) on the iPad/iPhone or Mac

For example, URL: omnifocus:///task/j57VQt36ZPv

However, this URL changes every time the OF task gets completed.
Is there a way to "hard-wire" the URL in OmniFocus so that I don't have to update the Calendar event with a new URL every time a task or project is completed?

Brian 2012-11-28 02:08 PM

Sorry - each item in the database gets a unique identifier (everything past the final '/' in the URL) and checking off an item generates the new row with its own ID.

We do it this way so we can differentiate between multiple items with the same name, handle name changes in items w/out breaking the link, and so forth.

stax 2012-11-28 02:17 PM

OK, thanks Brian.

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