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godess114 2009-02-01 09:35 AM

OFiPhone sync WITHOUT OFMac
Pardon the n00bie question.

I *do not* have OFMac/Desktop, only OFiPhone.
I've set up a local webdav server on my mac, which I have tested and verified is working.

I'm looking for a (cheap) way to sync/backup my OFiPhone database.
I am able to connect to my local webdav server thru OFiPhone. I can click the sync button with no errors.
My question is, where does this sync to? If I needed to restore, how do I do that?
Is there anyway to sync OFiPhone to iCal (*without* OFMac?).
I can't afford OFMac at the moment, so I'm looking for alternatives to syncing/backing up my OFiPhone database.

Any suggestions or comment would be greatly appreciated!!


Brian 2009-02-02 02:30 PM

Godess114, if there's ever a problem with OmniFocus on your iPhone, you can delete the application and re-download it from the App Store.

The first time your new install of OmniFocus for iPhone launches, you'll be asked if you want to make a new database, or set up syncing. Choose the latter, enter the information for your sync setup, and all your information will be pulled back down onto the phone.

Does that make sense?

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