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BlueLineFive 2010-05-23 12:26 PM

Feature Request: Trim and Join
This is a feature request.

Would like to see a couple of additions to the Shapes-->(Subtract, Union, Intersect) commands. Please add a "Trim" and a "Join" command.

In it's simplest, "Trim" would allow me to place a line (one-dimensional object) on top of a shape (a two-dimensional object) and have the line act like a "knife" that would slice the two dimensional shape below it. The two pieces of the sliced shape would remain as two separate two-dimensional objects. The real strength would be allowing the line to cross several objects and then allow all the underlying two-dimensional objects to be trimmed at once with the Trim command. Allowing the "line" to be any one-dimensional object (curve, orthogonal line shape, etc.) in the Trim command would be awesome. Now if you could also allow one line to trim a line or lines underneath, that would be mind-blowing.

The "Join" command would allow an endpoint of two lines (one-dimensional objects) to be placed atop each other. Join would then make them one line. Note that a "line" really is any one-dimensional object. (Join a line to a curve, etc.)

Both these commands are vital in order to build up complex shapes from simpler objects or to clean-up multiple objects when laying them out in repeating patterns, creating logo's, architectural drawings, construction, etc.

Posted here for comments by the group.

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